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The Arete STEM Project
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Our Story - Our Vision 2019

The uniqueness of our program centers on the concept: How do we excite and challenge our next generation of students? We believe this can be accomplished by allowing students to use their creatively to design, build, and test microgravity experiments.  We go one-step further by flying their experiments into space and then return the experiments to the students. These student experiments or payloads will fly on Commercial Suborbital Flights. A key factor to the success of our educational program is our unique relationship with the leaders in Commercial Spaceflight.

The Arete STEM Project has a vision and desire to help all students, whether from a public, private, parochial, or home school environment, to develop the competitive skills necessary to compete in the 21st century workplace. To accomplish this, we have designed a unique educational program whose main mission is to develop these skills by focusing on the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) design process. The skills developed through this process are lifelong learning lessons and are critical for 21st century success.


So how does it all come together? Here are the basics: First, students reserve their experiment's payload slot on one of our providers' platforms (High Altitude Balloons (Arete STEM) or Rockets (Blue Origin, EXOS Aerospace), or Spaceplane (Virgin Galactic). This is the start of their space adventure. Once this is secured, students go through an Engineer Design Process to help them ready their experiment (payload) for suborbital flight. Through each stage of the design process, students are mentored to help them reach their milestones/goals. At approximately 90 days prior to a suborbital flight, students should begin their final phases before their payload is sent into space. This is a simple progress check and it allows student to communicate any successes or problems they are accruing.  If desired, at 60 days, we can arrange for simulated flight-testing of the experiment and have all data sent to the student for any redesigns they may need. At 30 days before the flight is scheduled all safety, checks are accomplished. Next up is the actual flight and then the return of the experiment and all collected data to the students.


Finally, The Arete STEM Project hopes we help develop not only future scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians, but also students willing to take on a challenge, a life changing challenge. To be a student that designed, developed and flew their work into space and back will open many doors, help build character, and make the student ready for any challenges they will face in the 21st century. Further, we hope our program helps launch a continuing educational program of research and discovery in schools; we create a network of mentors to work with students on projects, and finally foster a state, community, business, and school relationship to accomplish our mission.

Commonly asked Questions

Can Arete STEM Project help with funding?

Yes, we will help generate fundraising efforts to offset costs. We have a 501c3: Arete STEM Foundation for just this situation.

When are the first suborbital commercial flights scheduled? Possible delays?

The first commercial flights that will carrier student designed and built experiments are currently scheduled for late 2017. 2018 will see numerous scheduled flights.

If delays due occur, student will be notified and experiments will be rescheduled to the new launch dates. Students will receive updates prior to launch.

What if the students or experiments are not ready for launch when scheduled?

Student experiments will fly when they are ready. We will contact you at 120-90-60-30 days to help and check on status.

Is tech support available?

Yes. Contact us with your questions. 

What is (are) the size and shape of student experiments?

Student experiments can be multiple sizes and shapes. A 2U (10 x 10 x 20 cm) is recommended. Please contact us with any questions. Experiment holding CubSats are available.

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