The Arete STEM Project
The Arete STEM Project

Edge of Space

The Arete STEM Project announces new dynamic STEM partnership with Edge of Space

New Partnership enables students to design, build, and fly experiments into Space

Cincinnati, Ohio January 2016:  The Arete STEM Project’s President Steve Heck announced a new partnership in STEM education. Arete STEM Project is now partnering with Colorado-based company Edge of Space. Together, Arete STEM and Edge of Space will change how STEM education is presented. We can now offer STEM science kits that are flown into space and returned to classrooms, groups, or individuals.

Ed Harris, Founder of Edge of Space, will provide engaging science kits that teach basic science principles through hands-on, experiential learning. These kits are ideal for classrooms, homes and after school programs.

The Arete STEM Project has developed three uniquely different Platforms to fly these educational kits into space. Suborbital Flights are now available for Rockets, Spaceplanes, and High Altitude Balloons. Contact us at to book your flight.